Horse Blankets & Pet Apparel Waterproofing Spray

  • fabric waterproofing concentrate specifically formulated for horse blankets and pets SUPERIOR RESULTS ON Horse blankets, pet clothing, pet protective gear, pet blankets and bedding.
  • Preserves the breathability of modern membrane textiles.
  • Resists water absorption due to flex & abrasion damage
  • 473.1ml. (16fl oz.) covers 50-60 square feet per bottle.
  • Water based waterproofing spray

$39.95 $35.50


Non-concentrate solution Adds or restores water repellency to fabric Easy for anyone to apply No yellowing of original color No stiffening of fabric when dry No objectionable odor Water based environmentally friendly formula s Non- hazardous when next to food items Superior sealer for zippers Resists stains and soiling


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